Eat More Chocolate. Save The Chimps.

If you are a chocolate fan, as I most certainly am, you will be delighted to know what’s going on today in Africa that will have a dramatic impact on the way you feel about eating chocolate.

Park rangers in the world’s top cocoa producer in the Ivory Coast of Africa, are waging a campaign to protect national forests from the illegal farming of the raw ingredient in chocolate.

Rick Scobey, who is the president of the World Cocoa Foundation called it a landmark decision and an “important environmental achievement.”

Food giants Nestle, Mars and Hershey are working together to end deforestation in the West African nations. So maybe these guys have been a big part of the problem, but today they are working together to be part of the solution.

The environmental group “Mighty Earth” discovered that many of Ivory Coast’s national parks and protected areas “have been entirely or almost entirely cleared of forest and replaced with cocoa-growing operations.” One of them specifically, the Mont Peko National Park, is home to endangered species such as chimpanzees and pygmy hippopotamuses.

So save the chimps and eat more chocolate.

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