Animal Rights Activists Protested. Chef “Hunter” Protested Back.

Animal rights activists staged a protest outside his Toronto restaurant, but chef Michael Hunter (yes, that’s his real last name) was not amused–and decided to fight back with his own display.

Protesters held up a “MURDERER” banner outside the “Antler Kitchen & Bar” restaurant, which serves seasonal and “wild foods”–which prompted the chef to carve up a deer–right in front of them through Antler’s front window!  But it gets better…he then proceeded to cook the meat and returned shortly after, sat down, and ate it right in front of them: his own personal protest.

And while I personally don’t agree with the protestors position, I do stand by BOTH the rights of the protesters out front, and the chef’s right to respond the way he did.

The protest organizer, Marni Jill Ugar, revealed what happened next in a unintentionally hilarious Facebook post that has since been deleted.  “Once the deer was cooked Michael Hunter, owner of Antler, sat back down at the window to eat the dead deer,” she reportedly wrote.

Check out the photos in the video below:

Police actually responded to the incident, but only to “keep the peace.” No citations were believed to have been issued.

Hunter isn’t sorry, either. In an email sent to, the chef said he stands by his restaurant’s “identity.”

“We are operating business as usual,” he wrote. “Our identity as a restaurant is well known throughout the city as is our ethical farming and foraging initiatives. stand by our restaurants identity and the identity of myself as a chef.”

Ironically, Antler does offer several vegetarian options, including “wild mushroom risotto, chestnut gnocchi, warm lentil and beet salad, vegetable lumpia, wild mushroom tarte tatin and artisanal cheese,” reported.

As for the activists, they aren’t satisfied with the offerings.

“It’s a great start, but only a start. Antler serves the cruel foie gras, they also farm animals meant to run in the wild like deer,” the group’s protest description stated.

What do you think?  If you support them, book a reservation online now.

If you support the protestors, do you also support the chef’s response?

Featured image via YouTube/Screengrab